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Title: Good sound
Format: CD
Label: Oral (@)
Rated: *****
Right the other week I was watching a documentary on Canada and I've caught myself thinking what a paradise it should be for modern/contemporary music: Oral is from up there and their catalogue is already brilliant. Mr. Shmuck's Farm are coming from Berlin and you should write their name on the top of your want list in the section: "weirdness, drones and atmosphere". The three tracks (the shortest of which is fifteen minutes long!) of "Good sound" fuse a real passion for drones to an all german taste for contemporary music/art. There's a track in particular ("don't give up, what is death?) that reminded me of an old band repressed on Sonig: Hajsh. Hildur's cello is damn odd and played in a really dissonant manner but the result is nothing but excellent. This duo works really patiently on the natural evolution of every track, controlled feedbacks dueling with reverb echoes and soft noises, they also give many peak variation to each suite above all in "my favorite caucus airchamber". Lately I'm always glad to hear there's a wise use of reverb in a recording (sometime this effects kills a lot of frequencies) and this cd is the vivid proof of a mature work. That played by Mr. Schmuck's Farm is odd and drony music, but still music where something is happening differently from bands like Stars of the Lid that work a lot with stillness. I wish if I say that's interesting and psychedelic it makes sense.

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