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Artist: [:SITD:] (@)
Title: Odyssee: 13
Format: CD EP
Label: Accession-Records (@)
Distributor: Indigo
Rated: *****
After the "Coded Message: 12" the rising German act [:SITD:] returns with a new EP, giving some remix works as well as some new tracks. And I must admit, that I am again impressed how clean produced their music is. They don’t spread any nervousness or hectic in their arrangements, moreover they seem to know about their strength. The comparisons with SUCIDE COMMANDO or harder acts out of the genre turns more and more into background. Critically reviewed in several forums is mostly the style of vocals done by singer Carsten Jacek – well, I would say he is now on the right way and I can hear especially on the both new tracks "Suffering in Solitude" and "Venom (Slow Version)" a nice improvement. The vocals are sounding more natural because the band avoids overdone effects here. Both mentioned can be count to my favorites done by this band but also the other new tracks "Firmament" and "Benumbed" can satisfy in the known style of the band. Add to this the Club Version of their smasher "Wegweiser", originally available on their last success album "Coded Message: 12". You will also find a strong remix of GRENDEL for "Crusade" and a completely revamped version of "Plastination City" by PAINBASTARD, who is responsible for the remix and guest vocals. Finally we have an almost average remix by ABSURD MINDS on "Ascension", also taken from the last "Coded Messages: 12". With a running time of about 50 minutes the EP tends to look like a full length album and I must admit that I like several tracks here more than from their last full length. A strong EP which should bring [:SITD:] to the forefront of Electro/Industrial music made in Germany.

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