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Artist: FORETASTE (@)
Title: Beautiful Creatures
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Rated: *****
Announced about a year ago, finally BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, the debut Fretaste's album is out. A year ago I postponed my judgement about the band, waiting for the release of this CD. Well, I must say that the duo formed by Sylvie and Pierre refined their style and they produced twelve tracks of electro wave that really convinced me. I didn't remember their music to be that seductive, so just to give a good judgement I checked the MCD that already was containing four tracks that have been re-released on BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and I was right, because now they sound amazingly better: I think that the production of the album helped so much giving a new life to "Discordance", "Victim's heart", "For your own good" and to "Re-love". The vocals are better mixed with the instruments and the music sounds well balanced. In this way the band's skills are better shown and you'll will appreciate the catchy melodies and the electro wave style they deal so well with. The album doesn't sound retro even if you can hear the '80s influences. Melancholy is well balanced with the energetic arrangement and, in this way, the calm and mysterious Sylvie's voice find completion into the beating drum and the synthesizers programmed by Pierre. Tracks like "That smiling man" or the main title "Beatiful creatures" sum really well the new band's style and the whole album is a convincing one that prove that in one year the band did a wonderful job.

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