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Artist: CABARET (@)
Title: Homophobia
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Artoffact (@)
Distributor: Storming the Base
Rated: *****
First full length also for this act from Poland, which could already satisfy with pre-released SiCD "Electric Chair Song". Especially their astonishing cover version of Porcupine Tree’s "Every Home Is Wired" gets still some rotations here. Surprisingly especial the kind how Jaroslaw Pawlik and Michal Bieniek arranged this cover can be taken as a pattern also for several tracks here on this full length CD. This music was composed without the try to better this world, without the need to ramble down some empty phrases on the daily madness called mankind – no, this band simply produces music because they like to do so – and this already active since 1997. Everybody is currently hailing the new DEPECHE MODE efforts, well – that’s fine with me. But this is a constant alternative into the dark Pop/Electropop genre and you will be surprised. This is not the cheesy Synth Pop with some remembrances to the 80’s done by uncountable similar sounding acts mostly hailing from Sweden. This is a refreshing alternative from which I hope it will get the attention it deserves. CABARET give us here and there some danceable tracks like "Devil Is Dancing" or the title track, but they seem to be stronger with their heart- felting pieces with piano assistance like "Butterfly With No Address" or "Song For Berlin". The vocals are warm and smooth and very well placed. Other outstanding pieces I have found here in "Be On Standby", "Rain On My Skin" and "Check Point Charlie" – all of them feature an excellent instrumentation and will invade your ears and mind with an unforgettable melodic content. I only find it quite strange that they released "Electric Chair Song" and "Dawn Mist Glowing" in different versions on the mentioned SiCD. The songs are great – but all mentioned on the full length CD are way back better! My favorite release of the last quarter 2005!!!

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