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Artist: Reactivate (@)
Title: Reactivate Your Mind Remixes
Format: CD
Label: Synthetic Product Records
Distributor: E POPLAND
Rated: *****
"Reactivate Your Mind" feature 2 discs by new coming artist REACTIVATE, who is based out of Germany and signed on Synthetic Product Records. A promo was sent to me, but the only cd in the package was the bonus remixes. The label staff forgot to include the band's full-length cd. Only thing I can do is review the 2nd disc that contains remixes. Reactivate is good as they come. A future-pop duo who knows how to make dance poppy tracks. The band is consist of Marc and Frank. The remix track"Dream In Silence" by (E:O:D) stands the disc out. The single edit "Emotions" is a beautify cute song. The instrumental "Spherical" is something interesting to get into. Club, thumping and bouncy is what I say about 2nd cd. Very excellent kick dope beats and synths melodic sound with an EBM edge is best described the dynamic duo's music. Reactivate will surely reactivate your mind. And that's for sure!


1. Emotions (Single Edit0
2. By My Pride (F.O.D Remix0
3. Waiting For The Night (Midnight Resistance Remix by Nicolay Frank)
4. SoulDestroyer (Club Mix)
5. Dream In Silence (E:O:D Remix)
6. Emotions (Tranceponder Mix)
7. Waiting For The Night (Polytune Remix)
8. Spherical (Instrumental)

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