Music Reviews

Artist: Bella Morte
Title: Where Shadows Lie
Format: CD
Label: Cleopatra
you know...i saw Bella Morte at my local "goth club". they were excellent live, and filled with a lot of energy. heh...Andy kept making this funny faces...anyway...

that night i bought "Where Shadows Lie"...(and got to bs with Andy about Peter Jackson films...but i digress). a few days later, when i popped this in the cd player, i started to remember how fun the show was...and wondered where some of the energy went. don't get me wrong, it's a great cd...but the live energy is missing here. The first few tracks are excellent, namely "The Rain Within Her Hands" and "Relics". then i usually skip ahead to "Where Shadows Lie", the coolest song on the cd. The BM version of "Metro" is awesome as well. The rest of the cd is true goth. slow, and dramatic. depending on the kind of mood you are in, it could be a good thing, or bad. Andy has an unbeleivable voice, and Gopal and Bn are great at their respective intruments, but a few more upbeat songs would have made this a must listen. as it is, it will probably appeal mostly to the depressed, or the open-minded music lover.

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