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Artist: DEEP END
Title: Kiss the Light Goodbye
Format: CD
Label: Fratto 9 Under the Sky/Zahr
Rated: *****
This is the first and much improved full length from Italy's finest post rockers, after the mcd "Tsunami" and a 10" split with Giardini di Mirò. A fourth member, Enrico Brunoldi (keyboard, synth, samples, laptop), has joined the original line up, formed by Andrea Ferraris (vocals, guitars, bass, samples, glockenspiel and accordeon), Umberto Fabbri (drums, cymbals, samples) and Lolli Sacco (guitar, e-bow and effects), and this obviously makes a difference; but it's also clear that the band itself has become more mature and experimental over the years. Deep End maintain their evolved indie/post-rock background (with some similarities with Shipping News, later Calla and A Minor Forest), which shows through heartfelt and epic songs like "Home is" and "...the fires"; but everything is blurred, scattered and rearranged through a wise use of effects, electronics and post-production. Many instrumental tracks definitely show the interest of band members for Kranky-oriented ambient, quite obvious since Brunoldi and Ferraris are also involved in the promising project One By One We Are All Becoming Shades. A positive aspect is that this more experimental approach, and an extreme attention to production and mixing, don't reduce the emotional impact of the work, which is a sort of sombre and troubled sketchbook. However, and I'm writing this as a fan of the band, I feel Deep End still have to find a balance between their different artistic inputs, and maybe develop a more powerful and darker sound, similar to the one of their intense live sets. Thus said, this is an important album.

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