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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Small melodies
Format: CD
Label: Spekk
Rated: *****
Are you into ambient/electronic music with a melodic edge? Well, if you're you'd better watch out for this sampler is one of the best records of the year. I think I could say something about the deluxe jewel box that looks like the cover of a small diary/note-book but I will limit the description to the music. I think if this cd would have been featuring Ultra Milkmaids, Taylor Dupree, Oren Ambarchi, Tape and Fenton "alone" it would have been already a congress of top quality musicians, but Hèrve Bogossian, Stephen Mathieu, Tomoshi Date, Sogar, Naph and some others top class names is probably too much!. "Small melodies" is an incredible honeymoon in ambiental electronic, sweet drones, delicate guitar-glitches, trance-like loops bringing in a third dimension faster than a dream machine. Releases like that should be filed under "stress erasing music", if the day's been hard "Small melodies" puts you in a relaxed mood to face the night. I've always thought music in general was a great mean to amplify emotions and there's nothing more empyreal than the music contained in this sampler to fest the end of an hectic day. During the listening I got the impression every small frame was moving slowly like a relented documentary on natural environments. Fenton's "beautiful loser" is another clear signal this guy "has it", but scouts' honor the whole menu fills my mouth of saliva like Pavlos dog. If you are into this style, please get it!.

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