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Title: The last man in Europe
Format: CD
Label: Corrosive Growth Industries (@)
Rated: *****
I know the title "The last man in Europe" comes from the famous book by George Orwell, but it also bring my mind straight to that old movie titled "The Omega Man". Charlton Eston (the protagonist) is the last human being alive (later in the plot he will discover he's not the only one) in a world populated by white eyed mutants (sort of...and not to be confounded with Black Eyed Peas...ha,ha). By the way, the movie was pretty sad and very sick: Initial Prayer is probably less desolated but twice as "sick". There's a consistent abundance of keyboards in the nine tracks and despite they have post-goth/neo-dark guitars the atmosphere remains really krautesque. Rhythmically Initial Prayer are pretty "martial" and their use of obsessive vocals betrays a clear industrial/dark background be it Death in June, Current 93 or Throbbing Gristle. I'd also add every once in a while they have also some little sparks of doom mixed with kraut influence by the way, I'm sure their best possible audience should be into post-industrial music. During some tracks it's possible to hear some old fashioned esoteric ambient feelings but don't expect anything like Steve Roach or Amon. "The last man in Europe" is much more post-industrial oriented.

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