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Title: Diafon
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources
Rated: *****
If I Treni Inerti's "Aérea" shows glimpses of Costa Mointeiro's quieter side, "Diafon" plunges us back in the sonic maelstrom that the Portuguese improviser is used to create in his solo turntable performances, with the duo Cremaster or in collective recordings like "Octante" on L'Innomable (search the archive for my review). Here he uses "pick-ups on turntable" in a trio with Barry Weisblat (electronics) and Creative Sources owner Ernesto Rodrigues (violin, pick-ups and objects). The result is honestly closer to harsh noise than to even radical improvisation: frequencies collide and crumble, the violin is brutally ill-treated, everything is loud and distorted. Probably one of the most violent records in the catalogue of the Portuguese label, but also one of the logical extremes of its stylistic identity.

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