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Artist: EAT YOUR MAKE-UP (@)
Title: First Dinner
Format: CD
Label: Adipocere (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
Eat Your Make-up formed in France back in 2003 and soon after they started to play gigs in their homeland. In the same year they produced a five songs demo which helped them getting booked for several other gigs. The year after Thib, their drummer, left and Anthony joined them helping the band evolving their sound inspired by '80s Batcave gothrock / postpunk and by L.A. bands such as the early Christian Death. After some other gigs (they opened for Cinema Strange, Trisomie 21, etc) the band entered into the studio to record their first album: FIRST DINNER.The album opens with "First dinner" and immediately you can hear their influences and for sure you'll appreciate the guitar style with the riffs alternated to arpeggios and razor blades sounds. Generally the tracks create a good ambience even if innovation isn't exactly what Eat Your Make-up are looking for (even if "Amar Ni Xov" starts as a almost jazzy rhythm). Most of the tracks are fast and distorted and the post punk atmosphere is well created. For sure FIRST DINNER is a good first album but I think that the band is able to give to their audience a lot more. P.s This is the first release of the new Adipocere sub label Darkside, whic is focused on releasing goth music.

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