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Title: Moving Past The Boundaries
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
The well known US project NEGATIVE FORMAT consisting of Alex Matheu returns with a new full length CD and sets some new standards into the Techno/Trance/Electro/EBM genre. It was his classic release "Result Of A New Culture", released back in 1997 on both defunct labels Gashed (for North America) and Zoth Ommog (for Europe), as well as his own released debut CD "Pathologic Syndrome", which brought me to this project. All further releases then turned into a more Techno/Trance up to Futurepop oriented direction which I haven’t found too impressive at all. "Moving Past The Boundaries" can be seen now as a reminder of the good old days while not a stop of the latest evolution of Alex’ music. 13 new tracks are available here, most of them with a long enough playing time to produce fat and resonated filter loops in and out of the tracks – yes, that Techno/Trance element in Alex’ music is still richly present. I of course prefer the tracks which leave a bit the current NEGATIVE FORMAT mood, the tracks which can be called near and comparable to the past "Result..." influenced era. Here are the marvelous tracks like "Centralized" and "Focus" to name. Also well done and worth to mention are the female vocals by Rashree Matson thrown into 3 tracks, the slow and smooth "Sustain", the already named "Centralized" and "Heterodox", on which male and female vocals start a duel. This is a very modern sounding piece of fat and well produced electronic music, and of course way back better than his last releases. Maybe the right step to bring NEGATIVE FORMAT back to that outstanding era on which it all begun. Strange for me is the fact, that this release will distributed and marketed world-wide by Metropolis-Records and that there is no license deal to the German Out Of Line label, which was lately responsible for the last NEGATIVE FORMAT releases. Who cares finally – check this out, listen to yourself and enjoy this modern and technically rich produced album!

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