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Artist: TERRORFAKT (@)
Title: Cold World Remixes
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
A Powernoise/Harsh Industrial act signed to the big Metropolis Records label is a rarity, but it shows that the huge stable of them is growing into all genres and styles. TERRORFAKT are releasing herewith their remix companion to their last year debut, so you get here 10 remix works done by more less known artists like ANGEL THEORY (created lyrics and added their vocals on their more Dark Electro inspired remix for "No Frequency" – a rarity for the Powernoise genre and I can’t find enough praising words for this almost new track...), PNEUMATIC DETACH (offer as usual an excellent remix for "Arsenal" – of course the most harshest piece here...), TOTAKEKE (a heavily Dark Ambient inspired remix for "Zero" with uncountable layers – excellent!) or the always fine RE_AGENT (defines the standard to a high quality level between Dark Electro and Powernoise on their "Arsenal" remix...). Further remix works are done by CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, DISPLACER, SYNTH-ETIK, E-CRAFT, LIFE CRIED and IMPERATIVE REACTION. There is no really bad or boring remix here – I only picked out the four mentioned outstanding works. There are also 5 new harsh tracks at the end of the CD and also here are some nice surprises worth to check out. While "An Age Of Terror", "Corrupt" and "God Of Killers" offer new food to storm the dancefloor, the slow and dark "Elimination Chamber" offers some great delay and reverb effects. But the best piece is the duel with PNEUMATIC DETACH on "Black Hoods In Brooklyn", which features the best elements of both acts. I would like to hear about a further cooperation between this both excellent acts! You’ll get with this remix companion disc a marvelous release which can impress by the good choice of different remixing acts out of different genres. You’ll get too 5 new and worth to get heard tracks by TERRORFAKT, so – what are you waiting for? Get it!

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