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Artist: LUJHBOIA (@)
Title: Spiral Nerve
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is a new and until now almost undiscovered talent out of Argentina, from where we already received some nice tunes done by PUNTO OMEGA, LAMIA or ALIEN PRODUKT. While somebody should teach me a lesson how to speak out correctly their band name, I am sure that this act will also soon get that international response it deserves. Musically I would like to compare them with the old HOCICO, the mentioned PUNTO OMEGA, TAMTRUM or AMDUSCIA on the harsh and danceable tracks – so you’ll get a straight, hard-in-your-face full scale dose of harsh Electro/EBM. Tracks like "Ominous", "Looser’s Letter" or the well hidden 10th track "Punisher Kids" can easily fill the dancefloors of the dark clubs. They offer also some nice instrumental takes like "The Insanity about Flowers" or the title track on which they show a wide musically background with some piano sounds and some decent melodies. While the title names are all in English language, the lyrics and so the rough vocals are without any exception in Spanish. So I don’t know on what they refer in their lyrics here, but they included precautionary the often used "Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics" warning sticker on their cover art. The tracks are well done and tasty arranged – a real "rocking" alternative to the lately toothless looking HOCICO. This full length CD is completely self-released and produced – it may could need some more polishing production, but it nevertheless features a remarkable talent. I am sure that we will hear soon more from this band. Check out their website mentioned above, make your contacts and order their stuff - especially if you are familiar with the named acts here.

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