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Artist: ROSOLINA MAR (@)
Title: Before and after dinner
Format: CD
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
The new full-length realized by Rosolina Mar celebrates another joint venture between Wallace records and Robotradio after Hell Demonio's debut cd. While paying tribute to the roots of rock, Rosolina Mar differently from many post-rockers are much more into the sound of the 70ies but differently from bands such as Dead Meadows this' just a light influence. If you ever happened to see them live you know how together with Red Warms Farm they're one of best and most active live act around. For what concerns "Before and after dinner" the formula they used for their self tilted second record has remained almost untouched. What we have here is post-rock music well mixed with a seventies' flavor that sounds a lot like Phil Manley's band Golden (less mathematical and much more listenable...oh yes, Manley is the genius of Trans Am). Rosolina's sound is still the same even if this cd is less uniformed than before and apart from the first odd intro it's possible the trio decided to experiment a bit more with song structures and guitar effects. This time the Fabio Magistrali's recording helps to recreate the solid live skill of the group, therefore if you love rock music that moves listeners' feet: this' probably addressed to you. "Before and after dinner" (that looks like a inside joke referred to "Before and after science") has its own alternate moments since not all of the tracks are groundbreaking, but you can bet all of the tracks have been played with an hell of a groove. The cover song of "Flesh dance" deserves a special mention not just for the funny idea to cover the theme of Irene Cara's masterpiece, infact that's also the highest peak touched by Rosolina Mar: trash turned into gold.

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