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Title: Krsko - Valencia
Format: CD
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
Francois Cambuzat and Chiara Locardi are back and if you're european and you're thinking they're "new jacks", probably you have been living isolated on a mountain top. With such a name I'm sure there's people thinking that what we have here is some "classy plastic project from France", I'm sorry for you but while the band is of course refined and, yes, can also be said labeled as "classy", nothing is so far from being "fake" or "plastic". L'Enfance Rouge this time is pictured in the maturity of its aging process, they got back to violence and to the full vigor of their "fisique". The power trio (including Jacopo Andreini) is back with a depressed, dramatic full-length. "Krsko - Valencia" is "hard", not just for the fact most of the songs have been manufactured with that rock/noise-rock touch french bands had back in the days, but its hardness stands in the lyrics. "Killer-rock-ballads for desperate times", nothing is light hearted in here and that's the first impression you get from listening the cd or from giving a glance to the layout. A good record as always, I'm sure the fans of L'Enfance Rouge can go and break their money pigs since it's not deluding at all. "Hurricane Lily" with the islamic singing at the end deserve a special mention as "THE" real masterpiece. There're some interesting "highs" even if not all the tracks are equally as impressive/intense as the last one, that's the main point: some catchy episodes and some good, but not outstanding tracks. Depressed-rock maniacs and noise-rock lovers if you remember nostalgically how "independent" meant something during the early nineties...Cambuzant and Le Enfance won't disappoint you.

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