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Title: Wake Up
Format: CD
Label: Kinetik Media (@)
Rated: *****
Coming from Cologne and formed by Ripley and Benway, Kitbuilders released about five 12", partecipated to several compilation (also to Ersatz Audio's "ORAL-Olio" and "Misery loves company") and they released this album I'm going to talk about, titled "Wake up". Actually the album have been already released by World Electric/Neuton and Shado Records but this new Kinetik Media version, along with the original ten tunes, contains two rare tracks ("Don't touch me" and "Girls on stage"). Musically Kitbuilders mix a lot of influences, mainly coming from the '80s but they mix different styles blending early electronic experimentalism (see Cabaret Voltaire or Chris And Cosey) with electronic new wave extravaganza (like the early Pink Industry) and modern sense of dance tunes (check "Superfast service") but all filtered with a certain punk attitude. The tracks aren't built like simple pop songs: a lot of them start with simple drum patterns and rhythmic synth sounds just to gradually acquire melodic lines. A good example of this way of composing is "Spotscar" where the only melodic part is demanded to Ripley's vocals. A lot of tracks go beyond the usual pop song lenght: see the almost eight minutes of "Dropping"(a track that starts like an ambient tune just to develop into a sort of ambient techno experimental dance track), the seven minutes of "Walls" and the seven minutes and twenty two seconds of the main track"Wake up". If you are looking for something more than easy listening electro and you don't dislike the old way of experimenting, Kitbuilders have got something for you...

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