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Title: Welcome
Format: CD
Label: Rump Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
Moving gently between i.d.m. rhythms and ambient sounds, Acustic's third release presents us twelve enchanting tracks. Always in balance between interesting loops and semi melancholic melodies, Jesper Skaaning (third member of Future 3) creates tracks that apparently sound static: most of them are built around a melody or a rhymth and then slowly they grow thanks to new little pieces of sound added. A tiny beat, a little piece of melody make the track change and in no time the track acquires personality and there's also space for reggae influences on "Se 2" and dub on the closing "Tsp". I appreciated the upbeat tracks like "Flow" or the tiny melodies of the title track "Welcome", of "Vm" and of "T.P." where the web of sounds created a catchy atmosphere. If you want something more respect the usual ambient record and something more melodic respect the i.d.m. extravaganza, try this one!

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