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Title: Irdlirvirisissong
Format: CD
Label: Mystery Sea
Rated: *****
A solo project of Sweden's Mathias Josefson, Moljebka Pvlse has a remarkable series of releases on cult labels like Cold Meat Industries, Eibon, Segerhuva or Fin de Siècle, not to mention his own Isoramara. Every cd of his I've listened to is slightly or notably different from the other, but always maintaining a heartfelt and passionate approach to minimalism which makes it unique. This limited release on beloved Mystery Sea is a lengthy 65-minute track which flows smoothly from one atmosphere to the other, eventually sounding like a perfect synthesis of Josefson's darker pulses (as in "Sadalmelik" or in some live performances) and the more melodic and less claustrophobic pieces on "The leaves of their songs". While shades are still present overhead (just listen from minute 40 onwards), it's clear that Moljebka's ambient doesn't belong to the same niche as, say, Lustmord's or Raison d'Etre's, being rather close to the suspended soundscapes of Monos, Mirror, Andrew Chalk or even Eno's "On land".

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