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Aug 13 2002
Title: Hirnschlacht
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Distributor: Triton
The new 9-track (+ video) cd from Feindflug, their fourth on Black Rain after two full lengths and a mini. The release was a bit delayed due to the luxurious "special ten site digipack" that nobody seemed able to print - I'm only reviewing the promo edition: "If somebody wants to sell you this CD, kill him... and take the CD!!!" states the cover, so you've been warned, eheh. Feindflug play an energetic and obsessive mix of electro-EBM and techno, most times very fast and repetitive and with a noisy edge. No vocals, just some samples here and there, so the emphasys is on pure rhythm. Not bad at all, and better than most electro due to its hyper-simplified, and more aggressive, approach, which must work really well live. The video consists of 3 screens, a bigger one on the left and two smaller ones on the right - the former is focused on gig shots, while the right section is mainly backstage plus some concert scenes. I don't know why the second screen on the right is just a filtered version of the one on the top; it's not that artistic looking and only distracts the attention... Feindflug live feature 3 people, electronics + guitar + live drums, but the odd thing is that "Roter Schnee" seems to be a studio track, and I really couldn't spot any acoustic drumming, just programmings and some guitar riffs. So there's a kind of gap between the visuals and the music, and besides that the gig scenes are a bit repetitive. So while a fan could be interested in seeing some concert shots, the video itself is really not that great.

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