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Title: Growgrow/Test lies
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Sonic360
Rated: *****
Double mcd put together into a single release, strange since probably the whole music could have been put on a cd, but apart for the major cost (for the label) the format is interesting: everything remains related to its own round tiny piece of plastic. Chabz right after the intro starts pushing with a dark and groovy electronic beat, heavy pounding bass lines and hip hop drum beats. The tracks on Chabz cd reminded me of some great classics by Dj Krush, same relaxed rhythm, dark melodies, smoke in the face and a bit of rapping. The jazz style is great and here and there you have trumpet and pianos, but the "black groove sensation" and the mystque atmosphere it's quite close to the most visceral period of Massive Attack (Mezzanine). I've read somewhere that both Chabz and Krizo are coming from an alternative rock background, hard to believe it after you hear the "Growgrow" (that's the title of Chabz mcd), and the same could be said for Krizo's "Test lies". Same "dark at night" effects and same heavyweight bass as his split mate, but Krizo's drum beat is less "hip-hoppish" and more complex, but still far from being a "jungle". The style of the two cd is pretty similar despite some peculiarities, but the groovy jazz influenced flavor is almost the same. "Trip hop" and Ninja Tune lovers, here's some bread for the dinner.

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