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Title: The Failure Of Shortwave Radio
Format: CD
Label: Capitalist Records
Rated: *****
Is strange how The Moscow Coup Attempt music recalled me a sort of electronic / orchestral version of the last Slint record but Derek's capacity of writing tracks that are always in balance between the song structure and the soundtrack composition made me thought about Slint's way of building guitar layers. Derek doesn't use guitars but his orchestrations build a subtle musical structure full of tension and pathos. The pizzicato violin parts seems joyful but if you mix them with the viola and the syncopate tempos of the acoustic drums the effect changes radically. The ten tracks are beautifully recorded and even if they are full of melodies, the effect is also similar to the one created by the guitar suites of the Glenn Branca orchestra where the dissonant melodies form a complex web of sounds. THE FAILURE OF SHORTWAVE RADIO is an album that convinced me immediately and for sure it will satisfy a wide audience because of its different influences of ambient, acoustic and electronic sounds.

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