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Artist: 1919 (@)
Title: Dark Temple
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: We Must Mutate
Rated: *****
Disbanded more than twenty years ago, 1919 come back with a new line-up where only Mark Tighe (guitar) is the only member of the original one. 1919 were active in the early eighties in the goth rock / post punk scene and they produced two 7", an album a 12" and a MLP titled "Earth Song". To check their old style you can check the CD compiled by Cherry Red / Anagram where you can find every track produced by the band. Anyway... I mentioned an old style and this would make you think that there is a new style. Well, that is right, Sherlock! By listening to the new 1919 it could be like listening the first Killing Joke album and then directly passing to "Millennium". The sound thickens and it is updated into a solid version of goth metal: a sort of levigated goth version of Fear Factory with a varied tracklist. The first three song of the MCD, "Headpain", "Savage Messiah" and "Killing the alien" are an high concentrate of power with guitars and drums in evidence. "Wolf" is a sort of melancholic dark ballad. With "Skin" the energy is revived but the guitars are a little bit in the background along with synths. The sound is always energetic but the effect is less "wall of sound" respect the first three. The closing track "Fall of babylon" is influenced by dub, here Richard Green's vocals are clean (on the other tracks he had a more cry out loud style) and this create a good contrast giving the right balance between angry and dilated tracks. 1919's come back is a good one and for sure this isn't a revival of old days because they have much more to give to the audience. Check it! P.s. This is also the first We Must Mutate release. The label is a band's project which will release all their new stuff but other bands' music will be also considered...

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