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Artist: FRACTURED (@)
Title: Only Human Remains
Format: CD
Label: NTP/Dependent (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Already the announcement that this Canadian act would find in Dependent its new label home was a good one and I personally couldn’t await the day until this release invaded my home. This project, mainly leaded by Nick Gorman, has released in the past a self-produced first CD called "Contami-Nation" which is now totally sold out and a hard to get item. This project won also the latest remix contest to :WUMPSCUT:’s "Bone Peeler" CD and it was considered as one of the best unsigned bands at the forum of the Side-Line magazine. This reasons, plus also an excellent compilation appearance on the latest "Septic" compilation, made it finally happen, that Nick Gorman could get a deal with this German label instead of looking for a label nearer to his home country. It is also the first official release of the Dependent side-label NTP, which is leaded by Johan van Roy of SUICIDE COMMANDO. FRACTURED present on their first official CD finest Dark Electro/Industrial following known examples of the likes SKINNY PUPPY or MENTALLO & THE FIXER – and I must admit that I hate it to quote the notes done by colleges of the Zillo or Orkus magazines which are sales-supporting added on a sticker on the front of this CD. I also find it alarming that the promotional info sheet tries hard to figure out the aspects of how much FRACTURED are better than acts producing the currently overrated Terror-/Hellektro EBM thing. FRACTURED are miles above all averages, especially out of this pseudo-EBM genre – no doubt and question – but I find it not supporting for the evolution of this band to start comparisons with such a redundant kind of EBM. This been said, you now know what you get: finest Dark Electro with depth and dedication – the best I have heard since months. It is only surprising for me to hear that most tracks of this CD, especially "Becoming One" or "Haunted Memories" are rather slow and have their abilities in their strong melodic part and the dark mood. There are dancefloor smasher for sure – the title track mostly, but also "Everytime", "Between The Lines" and "Cold Eyes". All other tracks are slowing down the tempo and I would say they are more compatible for your home entertainment or with use of a good pair of headphones. Worth of noticing are also the disturbed effects mostly used on the vocals – an attitude which I have heard from this band also on a remix for their countrymen RE_AGENT. If any release deserves the title "must-have"- then this one!

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