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Artist: Hl (@)
Title: Broken ep
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: First person (@)
Rated: *****
NH is Dan Hopkins from No Ground, even if this 3" is on First Person label. Differently from Sticker Club, HL's music is less "andante": let's say "Broken e.p" could be the perfect soundtrack for a trip. Opium softness and winter landscapes are a couple of things you'll probably find on this mini cd. Daniel Hopkins is a filmmaker and you can bet the cinematic feeling is there and that's why there's an high visionary impact that haunts the four tracks. This 3" mini cd is also filled with an all british depression, but this time it's not a matter of pop litanies as one can imagine, this' more a question of british psychedelia evolved into something different. Shogaze sensations and drones diluted into a magma where just every once in a while a minimal (industrial?) drum machine "swims in a dark pool" of sounds. Differently from other releases on No ground this one may force you into a really sad mood. Dan Hopkins has collected some scattered fragments he put together giving shape to this ep, the resulting image could be one of these Babs Santini's paintings/patchworks on the covers of Nurse With Wound. Psychedelic freak should better stay tuned.

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