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Artist: CABARET (@)
Title: Electric Chair Song
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Artoffact (@)
Rated: *****
Don’t ask me how a Polish band gets a contract from the Canadian label Artoffact. It proves only that the world is small. The question why they could get this contract is clear after some listens to this debut single CD, which has seven remarkable tracks on board. Musically this single CD offers a nice diversity of styles, starting with Electro-Pop, some Trance- and/or Ambient elements as well. I would also say, that the music – especially by the Single Mix and Radio Version of the two main track "Electric Chair Song" and "Dawn Mist Glowing" – features a kind of dark Pop music, maybe distant comparable to some MODE elements taken out of their "Ultra/Exciter" phase. This seems to be the main musically target of this band and I find it quite impressive how this band tries to combine here and there some classic instruments like piano, decent guitar inserts and/or "real" drums with diverse up to date electronic music styles. This can also be a good explanation to get signed on an international renowned label like Artoffact, the situation of professional labels in Poland seems to be unsatisfying. My favorite track is "Every Home is Wired" – it is a cover version originally done by Porcupine Tree – with its great melodic piano rolls and the decent male vocals. A band to follow without hesitation and I am sure they will even more surprise with their soon to released album "Homophobia".

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