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Artist: OSRAM (@)
Title: Inglese subacqueo
Format: CD
Label: Zahr (@)
Rated: *****
The second release of this sardinian combo is the most psychedelic one to date. I've been well impressed by their previous cd but this one is a lot more focused and balanced, they've started working with more maturity on almost everything. The production is "ad hoc" (Magistrali is a great sound engineer) and it gives the right light to every single song. The psychedelic influence of these band is well matched with their "post-rock/math" structures like some great old heros from Louisville or Chicago. Here and there they've started adding some vocals and the result is good: if Pink Floyd would have been younger, more mathematical and without keyboards they probably would have loved these guitar-driven sarinians. Fans of Slint and Shipping News will love this cd, Osram passed to "songwriting" without losing their emotional attitude, infact the litanies of this recording haven't been choked by its geometry. "Inglese subaqueo" is partially devoted to the noblest episodes of "post-rock" but on the other side looks back at the seventies, and if you give a listen to the way they jam around, it won't take that much to realize it. Some tracks are catchy and that's a basic thing for a cd that's somehow more based on "songs" as they meant before the Mtv-era. Good.

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