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Artist: URCEUS EXIT (@)
Title: Metro
Format: CD EP
Label: Artoffact (@)
Rated: *****
Another new signing for the Canadian label Artoffact, this time a new project done by Richard Duggan who hails from Vancouver. Conclusions to any PUPPYan influences here are totally wrong placed, URCEUS EXIT’s music dwells more into wide fields of enjoyable Synth Electronica, Future Pop (some parts in the title track and also the good piece "Together"...), some Trance/IDM and Tekkno ("Metro – Shy Brothers Remix") elements and also some Ambient-like layers ("These Spots in my Eyes"). This "Metro" SiCD is a 8-track appetizer for soon to be released full length CD "Contra" with a nice and satisfying playing time of about more than 52 minutes. The title track "Metro" comes here in four different versions, but there is only one remix work by a different act (SHY BROTHERS), and this one will push the crowds to the dancefloors. Very danceable stuff is required for a SiCD release and it is rich given here – but this project has as well a dark and experimental side. The bass lines and beats get more experimental, sometimes even distorted on a track "You Taste Like", which is (of course) my favorite here. Also the "Dark Slavery Mix" of the track "Soil" is worth any listening while still servicing any dance attitudes. Richard Duggan’s music shows a wide range of diversity and I haven’t found any weak point. The music is intelligent produced and guaranties an enjoyable listening from track 1 to 8, nice manipulated cover artwork of a driving train constructed by Sam Javanrough,, too. I can’t await the full length album!

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