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Artist: (r) (@)
Title: Under the cables, into the wind
Format: CD
Label: Important
Rated: *****
This' the solo project of Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (current member of Larsen), the label is Important records therefore sit down and relax. Probably many of you have already heard Larsen and you know how skeletal they may sound, on his solo project Fabrizio goes even deeper to the bone, a real "x-ray experience". I've been tempted to label it as a "minimalist work", and probably it describes perfectly how the sound of Larsen here is reduced to its lowest terms (I think Fabrizio's solo projects can give an good idea of the importance he has in the sound of his primary band). On this cd many of his influences gets diluted into an oceanic calm: Swans, Bauhaus, isolationism, industrial music decomposed and melted together into a desolating new shape. Uniformed gray painted all over from the cover to the tracks, this' decadence in slowmotion or austerity in pills, I'm sure the depressed freak inside of everyone you will appreciate it. "Shining camels and rising anacondas" and "I'm with u" are my favorite episodes, I've asked myself how much "Under the cables, into the wind" could have been different if everything would have been equally guitar oriented as these two tracks. This' an unconventional release for Important but at last the label as an incredible rooster (from Merzbow to Noam Chomsky), anyhow there's this "trance-like-trip" not so far from other titles from the same catalogue: Genesis p-Orrige, Muslimgauze, Hafler Trio, John Fahey, are good examples of what I mean. Desolated, sad, obsessive and minimal music: live it or leave it.

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