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Title: Halrum
Format: CD
Label: SNSE
Rated: *****
Sweden's NF are a mysteryous five-people collective whose first official cd, "Hackelsekista", was released last year on the black metal label Total Holocaust (proving that black metallers often have good taste and foresight for experimental music). "Halrum" is the result of four years of recordings and editings, and offers many impressive ambiences. NF mainly use junk metal pieces, scraping and banging on them, and adding manipulated environmental recordings throughout. The collective clanking leads to percussive pieces and moments of Dionysiac rapture ("Slusskammate", "Slaggvarp"), but the best parts are probably the creepy, droning ambient tracks of the core part of the cd, which really create a gut-wrenching atmosphere. The live scrapings remind of historical or more recent projects like Organum, The New Blockaders, Noise Makers Fifes and Lethe, but the pitch black atmospheres seem to be culled from Coil circa "How to destroy angels" or the "Hellraiser" soundtrack. Really a nice surprise from an up-and-coming name, and the cd actually gets better with each listen.

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