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Title: HHHH
Format: CD
Label: Unsounds
Rated: *****
Brought together by pianist Cor Fuhler (hence the name), The Cortet features well-known names of contemporary improvisation like Thomas Lehn (EMS analogue synth), Rhodri Davies (prepared harp), and John Butcher (tenor and soprano saxophone). Throughout its five tracks, the album is as unpredictable and bumpy as the beautiful cover photo (which incidentally reminded me of the final part of Julio Cortazar's "Rayuela") suggests. Often using a variety of tecniques and devices (e-bows, close miking, preparations etc.) that blurr the expected sounds into para-electronic forms, the Cortet knows how to range from a subtle, rarefied zen playing (not unlike + minus, to name but one similar experience) to quite intimidating crescendos. The third and longest track, "TH", sums it up very well. This is the kind of improvised recording you'll feel compelled to listen time and time again, to discover new details and hidden beauties at every incursion.

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