Music Reviews

Artist: Andy Caldwell
Title: Late Night With Andy Caldwell
Format: CD
Label: Swank Recordings
Rated: *****
This is a highly competent selection and mix of funky and soulful vocal house, worthy of a more upbeat Cafe del Mar. "Brand New Day," Caldwell's own opener featuring Gina Rene on vocals, sets the tone of the mix with a keynote style--Brazilian flavor with acoustic guitar. Recent tracks from Holmes, Mylo, Jaswho?, S.U.M.O. and Liquid People are featured, as well as another Caldwell track, "The Waiting Game" (Ronan's Deep Moody remix). According to the CD's own liner notes, this is first (or one of the first) in a series of "Late Night With" mixes, each starring a featured DJ. The intent is to present a "transcendent set of house grooves...without the snare rolls, melodramatic anthems [or] big room drama." I suppose that's a noble aim, if one ignores the fact that big rooms are largely how House and all the other dance genres got started in the first place. Nevertheless the tracks, as well as the mix, are top-notch and not overlong. This disc is most at home being played at your pool party, whereupon you put the DJ system on autopilot so you can go get a drink and mingle (as I can attest firsthand).

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