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Artist: THE-PULSAR (@)
Title: Awakening
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Last Exit
Rated: *****
Electro/Industrial music awakes currently in East Europe and Advoxya Records is present at the frontline to service us with some not expected talented acts like they did with the Estonian band CYCLONE B. THE-PULSAR is a three men outlet from the heart of a growing Russian scene which has found its home in St. Petersburg. The band already exists since 10 years but their output is limited to only three demo with the last one released back in 1999. And now, 6 years and a lot of more experience later, this trio is now ready to release its debut called "Awakening" with 11 tracks and 63 minutes playing time. Their music is influenced by diverse EBM structures but they have also to offer some not expected programming surprises. I would tend to qualify their music in far away vein of acts like NOXIOUS EMOTION for example. Most steady EBM beats, some nice old school influenced EBM sequences and here and there some melodic ingredients as well. The vocals are dark, melodic but mostly without overwhelming distortions, sometimes they add some vocoder effects to it. Personal favorites I have found in "Huge Satisfaction", an excellent played EBM piece with hard ripping sequences and in the bombastic melodious piece "Father" with a very personal lyrical content. Another remarkable piece is the track "Stalker" with some cool sounding Russian voice samples and a globally dark atmospheric touch. THE-PULSAR have produced a nice and diverse debut album and they are acting well for a newcomer. There is still enough music to discover behind the iron curtain and THE-PULSAR give a decent release to follow this trend. Well done, guys.

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