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Artist: VEX'D (@)
Title: Degenerate
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Planet Mu (@)
Rated: *****
After releasing three 12" ("Function" for Drum+Breaks and "Pop pop" and "Lion" for the Subtext label), Jamie and Roly landed on Planet Mu with the single "Gunman" / "Smart bomb". Now, after some months they release, for the same label, their first album titled DEGENERATE. The album contains new versions of their previous cuts "Pop pop" and "Lion" plus ten new tracks of grime sounds. The duo focus their music on low frequency sounds and on distorted tunes. The effect created make me remember of a distorted and dilated version of Prodigy of the "Fat of the land" era plus a dub attitude which gives to the tracks a dark intriguing aspect. About this, check the first part of "Thunder" where the dark ambient sounds are mixed with the distorted and pumping bass drum. Mostl of the tracks are instrumental ones and they create a strange ambience in the room while you listen to them. Is like a dreamy landscape disturbed by living nightmares that bleeps in and out of the room. If you are willing to try something different from the Cold Meat old dark ambient sound you could try Vex'd and even if dark ambient isn't exactly your cup of tea, DEGENERATE is always a good grime record full of breakbeat sounds and rhythms. If you are a vinyl purist you can get the ten tracks vinyl edition but I suggest you to get also the double CD edition as it contains twelve tracks on the first CD and the tracks coming from the two Subtext 12" plus "Smart bomb" (from their first Planet Mu's 12") and a new track titled "End of line" (which features Search & Destroy).

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