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Artist: HIOCTAN (@)
Title: Concentration Overload
Format: CD
Label: Noitekk (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
Rated: *****

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This is already the second release of this one man project hailing from Rostock, Germany. Like on his first CD, Michael Senft presents here his version of harsh EBM/Electro music with already heard distorted vocals, rough and steady beats and overdriven sequencer bass lines. Comparable to older SUICIDE COMMANDO stuff like the "Critical Stage" era is surely a possible reference, but unfortunately are HIOCTAN not able to play in the same league like his alter ego act. Here is a lot of repetition on almost all tracks, a lift up in song structuring wouldn’t be bad at all. Also the choice of synth sounds cannot really convince me, most bass line and melodic strings are sounding careless and old. It is a pity that here isn’t too much interesting stuff which would help this project to gather a higher level than average. If you look out for some stuff with an edge, with a musically demand, you are wrong with HIOCTAN. This album (excellent cover artwork with nice photos by the way...) is only dedicated to harsh EBM short-cut-hair rivetheads.

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