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Artist: PAIL (@)
Title: Towards Nowhere
Format: CD
Label: Negative Gain Productions (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
It took almost 6 years after the release of his marvelous debut "Epidemic" that Manix Salazar hailing from Spain celebrates his return on top of the Electro-/Industrial scene with this new full length CD "Towards Nowhere". Although there was a vinyl only release with 4 tracks in the meantime, this is for sure a long time for a band coming out of this music scene, long enough to get forgotten. The music of PAIL has also experienced some changes, globally said it turns from the wide diversity of the debut more into the Dark Techno/EBM genre with some possible comparisons to DECODED FEEDBACK mixed with a strong ABSCESS influence. Especially the dark pieces like the slow "Where We Are" or "Today the Wind blows from the North" show Manix’ development as a musician and can fascinate with a remarkable melodic content. The most straight piece here is "Que hable el silencio", a real floorburner which has also made its way to be available on the Alfa Matrix quadruple compilation "Endzeit Bunkertracks Act 1". So very positive my opinion on this release from track 1 to 7 is, after this the whole CD dwells into more different directions like some Futurepop influences, richly presented on "Senseless Words" sung by Salva Maine of CULTURE KULTÜR. Three instrumental tracks are here also present and finally you could get the feeling that the last pieces of the CD are created to increase the running time. So I concentrate myself more on all really excellent produced pieces from track 1 to 7 and they prove once again, that there is no need to disqualify music under the moniker "Dark Electro" to a redundant hammering. PAIL’s music is rich in detail and thrilling arranged and can easily nail down. Good news also for all interested listeners in North America: Negative Gain Productions ( has committed a license deal with Caustic Records so that this nice release will be soon available officially. Check it out!

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