Music Reviews

Artist: Moss Abu
Title: Sound Sensory Information
Format: CD
Ah, where would we be without Moss Abu? This is a brilliant, well crafted electronicstew. Rather than adhering to a pristine, perfect approach as so many electro acts often do, Jakobmakes the right decision and keeps things wonderfully lo-fi. This is four-track bliss. It is scarey,misshapen, organic, and brings to mind images of monsters in the cellar. The beats are stiff andhypnotic and the soundbites are a mishmash of treated, unrecognizable vocal gibberish. Synthsounds swoosh by and blurry bass sounds give the proceedings a good sense of movement. Thisis blurry, surreal, heady sonic art. The wizard that is Moss Abu pulls it all together brilliantly. This album is terrificly unique and inventive. "Hoohahaha" is a sprawling lo-fi epic. Yourspeakers will get a great workout.

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