Music Reviews

Artist: Neo Cortex
Title: Thought Process
Format: CD
"My Three Pound Universe" is a great opener. It features some of Steve's best singing to date. This is slightly minor, and kind of sounds like an electronic version of REM. I was immediately taken in. When Steve sings "Prolific is the term because of our energy", I completely believe him. These cats are wildly prolific, and with this work, they show a great deal of progress.There is indeed real growth on this. The guys are pushing themselves in new directions with song structure and production. "Through the Microscope" is cleverly executed. There's lots of signature neo Cortex sounds- buzzy synth sequences, tight beats and unusual lyrics. "Fond of Blondes?" is a quirky, fun track very much in keeping with the Neo Cortex ilk. This kind of reminded me of something Sparks would sing. "Occasional Human" is a nicely experimental offering. This disc shows plenty of growth for the band. Well done.

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