Music Reviews

Artist: IOIOI (@)
Title: Bright future!!
Format: CD
Label: Ebria (@)
Rated: *****
Japan is behind the corner during the audio experience of IOIOI, the way she acts/dresses (I'm referring to her live shows) helps a lot but this "made-in-Japan-aftertaste" grows "bite after bite". "Minimal" electronics (that's probably the strongest european root of this release) not unlike Suzanne Brokesh "crossed" by vocals in the vein of Ikue Mori, Tenko, Toko Yasuda, or Kazu Makino. Somewhere else you'll discover weird guitar-pop fragments as if it was the soundtrack of a "manga comic" scenario. At times the vocals may even recall a less radical Diamanda Galas, unbelievable ?!?!. Disoriented I suppose?! But if you'll have the luck-guts to give a listen to "bright future" you'll discover it yourselves. If "asiatic music" in your head can be easily associated to "extremism", I've to warn you somehow a "pop extravaganza" breaks in here and there (no Boredoms-style approach). On the opposite, It's funny how even if some of the songs on this cd could be really "melodical" some odd particulars push the "factor weirdness" to its maximum level. What if I add IOIOI sings in an invented language mixed with japanese? Therefore: "Martial-electronic-music for mental disease" or "childlike-pop for the manga generation"? This is the question. I've seen this girl live lately two weeks ago and she also knows how to hit the stage while getting completely absorbed by her own set. "Weird" release for sure, but in a positive way.

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