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Title: Constance
Format: CD
Label: Kohvi Records (@)
Rated: *****
This is the second Galaktlan release I have the opportunity to listen to. The first one has been "Sinine platoo" back in 2002 (you can check my review here CONSTANCE is the new album and from the limited pressing of the old release (printed in 500 copies, only) we are passed to a proper CD release promoted and reviewed by different magazines. Well, the ten tracks paint a gentle picture made of ambient sounds, electronic and acustic drum sounds and light melodies that help making of CONSTANCE a perfect album. If a lot of ambient records result dull for the normal audience, Galaktlan succeeds into giving to his tracks something to remember of something to follow: a sound, a gentle female voice, a melody or whatever. The dreamy atmosphere doesn't distract the audience from the essence of the track and all the other elements (rhythms, melodies, etc) enrich the tracks. Sometimes the album sounds like an ambient record played by a kraut rock band coming from the seventies or like the early J.M. Jarre records (do you remember "Oxygen"?). Just check the closing "Zolishka" where it seems to listen to Cocteau Twins playing a folk Estonian song. My thumb is up!

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