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Title: Siga Siga
Format: CD
Label: Dossier (@)
Rated: *****
On the digipack of this release you'll get just the basic infos like, name of the band, title of the records and the tracklist on the back, if communication means something this decision says it all. I'm almost sure I've recognized the voice of Sea Warton and the sound it's almost the same but there's something different in this release. I dunno if the band has suffered any line up changes but the songs are more skeletal, everything on this record goes straight to bone, the music gets even more visceral, the most o the songs lyrics are in german language. The vocals are more controlled or I'd better say that everything on this record is more in control, more tempered. "Siga siga" is less heterogeneous than "/bin/med/usa" but in a positive way, since for the whole length of the cd it will be like being thrown into the band's dimension. If the previous release was obsessive, "Siga Siga" is confidentially/visceral obsessive, these berliners are working on your skull with a screwdriver it clear from the beginning (Kein stern). If I were psychoanalist I'd say these people have finally arrived to meet their own "self" or well, maybe it all is nothing but a trip that has gone bad. If you're not confidential with the band my suggestion is to start from "Siga Siga", nothing could be Worse/better.

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