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Title: /bin/med/usa
Format: CD
Label: Dossier (@)
Rated: *****
Never heard of a band called Non Toxique Lost? If you're into industrial music you should, they put out their first record during the eighties, then 20 compact cassettes, 3 lps and a couple of cds. "/bin/med/usa" cuts it short showing these three "guys" from Ger-money are not newjacks: industrial music in the way it was meant to be...but not just that. The deutsche style you can hear while listening the "early" (not so early) Einstruerzende Neubauten is evident, but as you can read in the few lines they left at the beginning of their website: "style is irrelevant". Obsessive patterns "industrial-style", old-fashioned-drum machines, analogue synth, filters and guitars, the vocals is both martial (...deutsche speakers' emphasis, how could we live without it!!) and visceral up to the different song, I think if you're into this style of music well you'll love it 'cause it's sexy or violent as it should be. Musicwise Non Toxique Lost moves from "industrial-psychic-warfare" to "fetish-electronica" (hey they're on the same label of Front Line Assembly should I add something more?), a flavor of "eighties" and let's say it looks like they'd like to play with the listeners' secret fears. Also the recording somehow sounds old-fashioned and don't come to easy conclusions, when I say "old-fashioned" I don't mean the Berlin combo is completely "surpassed", I just mean it all sounds "retrò" and in a good way, at last on this release. "Dark landscapes and modern obsessions" if you love things like these and the way the industrial-electronica used them, I'm sure you're ready for Non Toxique Lost.

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