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Artist: DISMANTLED (@)
Title: Breed to Death
Format: CD EP
Label: Dependent / Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
A more than 50 minutes long EP considered to be the appetizer for the forthcoming new full length CD "Standard Issue" by DISMANTLED should be easily reason enough to get purchased. And this EP spins over to be a perfect bridge from the past "Post-Nuclear" by presenting a few remix works of the most remarkable track "The Swarm" done by big names like :WUMPSCUT: or HAUJOBB up to some new tracks. So were also my thoughts at the beginning and my expectations were big. Finally and overall too big - and after listening this new release I am rather disappointed. I know that DISMANTLED did experience a wider musically evolution with the release of "Post-Nuclear" for sure – but this EP has nothing of the old and magical moments this band was able to produce with their self-titled debut CD. Where are all the sick atmospheric layers, where are the terrific samples and where are some marvelous vocals as well? Whoever has advised Gary Zon to "sing" without the FX machinery? Sorry to say it, but it sounds a bit that it would be better for Gary to cure at first his bad cold...
The music finally – and so to come back to the main flaw here – lacks a lot from inspiration. All what I am missing here has changed to a lighter sound and yes – it drowns from times up to danceable Futurepop music ("The Swarm (Easy to Swallow-Version)"). Also the funny cover version of Paula Abduls "Straight Up" can’t be taken too seriously for sure. Good moments are sparse filled in here, the new instrumental track "The Blind" awakes a bit some remembrances how it was and how it could be. And their new Metropolis label mates of PSYCLON NINE did their best to fill in diversity through including thick synth layers to the title track "Breed to Death" and finally the :WUMPSCUT: remix of "The Swarm" gets my respect for the handling with different tempo changes in the track. The rest dwells in uninspiring average and I keep my fingers crossed that Gary will remember his talent for his upcoming full length CD.

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