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Artist: VV. AA.
Title: Funkwelten 01
Format: CD
Label: Funkwelten (@)
Distributor: Nova media distribution - Audioglobe
Rated: *****
The world is just too big and there are too many records, labels, bands or just names I'm not able to remember, but right when I hear somebody complains for the millionth time about the lack of good bands/projects and blah, blah, it is: a sampler with a bunch of good electronic musicians I've never heard before. "IDM": Intelligent Dance Music, can you remember? Once it was Warp records, later some other interesting labels like Rephlex, Hefty...Funkwelten could be the next one, why not?!. Ok IDM means a lot and nothing in particular at the same time, let's say that the most of the songs contained in the sampler have a beat (that doesn't mean a strong beat "Detroit-techno-style"), but the interesting thing is that the tracks have a sort of "trait d'union" that's represented by the "dreamy-trance-post-wave" atmosphere. Piano loops, sad melodies, keyboards/strings symphonies and bass loops, does it sound like something that could be on K7! or Compost? Sure! But it could a selection of the best artists on both of the labels. Reminiscences of Carl Craig's "piano works", emotions a-la-Peace Orchestra, nordic touch not unlike Gus Gus, Bjork or early Biosphere. I think it could be a great record to relax yourself after work and at the same time something they could dance to in a club up there in the deep North. The most of the tracks have a really high standard but For A Space, Satsuma and Echorausch (probably the most introspective artist of the whole lot) deserve a particular mention. In your cd collection it could be the cd next to Warp records' "Artificial Intelligence".

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