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Title: One Man Sonick Attack Force
Format: CD
Label: Planet Mu (@)
Rated: *****
Hip Hop, acid house, techno, gabba, hardcore and various improvised craziness. This are the first terms that popped out in my mind when I listened to Hellfish's ONE MAN SONIC ATTACK FORCE. The album basically is a compilation of recent 12"s and remixes and gives an idea of Hellfish's way of dealing with rhythms. Having no problems into blending reggae moments with gabber and soul music, Julian Cobb (which is also the owner of Deathchant records) sometimes surprise the audience: like on "Iron hand - Steelfinger remix" where he taskes the original Speed Freak theme and mix the 70's soul beginning with sprays of rage or like on "Rampage@218" where he creates an intriguing ambient track which little by little turns into an experimental track based on rhythms and noise. Remixes seem to me to be more experimental, because the rhythmical section and the changes of sounds are more radical respect the original tracks. On his tracks Hellfish tend to develop an idea (even if you've got to think that each track is based on different influences and sounds) while on remixes he use all his creativity tending to give an anarchic printing to the track structure.

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