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Artist: P.A Only (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Poizart Productions
Rated: *****
Previously with Ethnix (one of Israel's allegedly most well known ethno-pop bands), Toram Poizner, aka P.A Only, is now employing his experience as a producer/arranger/guitar/bass player to make music on his own. His first release features 11 tracks and a maturity that can only come from vast studio experience and years spent listening and making music. His outreaching, multifaceted, dynamic, sophisticated, complex and beautiful style touches all grounds without falling into the pitfalls of forced multi-style-crossover-wanna be productions. Yoram knows when and how much of each element to blend in and, by doing so, opens the door to a bunch of exciting sonic combinations and eclectic sound palettes. Seamlessly shifting his aim and drifting his focus from one element to the next, within the same song or from song to song, the album nicely flows, while en-boding a multiplicity of influences spanning from world music to pop music and from electronic/lounge music to club-friendly enterprises. In other words this album is for everybody, including but not limited to fans of Sting, Enigma, Radio Derwish, the Doors, Studio Pagol, Chemical Brothers, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Underworld, Paul Van Dyke, Muslimgauze and many others. His world of sounds expands and reaches out, so does his desire to "embark in a journey where time, space, nationality, religion, political stance or race have no meaning". Mostly an instrumental album, some songs will feature folk chants, spoken word or vocal contributions in Russian, French and Yemenite. Instrumentation includes a perfect blend of percussions, guitar, electronica, bass, drums etc. I think it is safe to say that Yoram succeeded in producing some of the finest contemporary examples of music for the "global village" I can think of. Truly inspired. Truly inspiring.

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