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Artist: Mlada Fronta
Title: Oxydes
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Parametric (@)
It looks like French musician Remy Pelleschi is becoming more prolific as the days go by. Another MF double CD has hit the streets packed in an astonishing folding digipack with great graphics... I don't know whatever happened to M-Tronic, but "Oxydes" is coming out on his own outlet Parametric and seems to be overall more pushing... The first of the two CDs contains new and original material. Pulsing Dive-like saturated power electronic patterns reinforced by semi-distorted disturbed industrial beats collide with Young Gods-like floating ethereal sampled sounds and occasional pads. The peace is mostly slower and almost mysterious, but truly powerful indeed. It feels like the beast is hiding and observing, but rarely attacking in full blast. However when it does, it happens the right way: brutal force, true industrial strength... Finally an album of today with sounds of today that even the old "real" industrial pioneers wouldn't be ashamed of. The chemical elements are still used as song titles. The second CD contains remixes by himself, Gom (trancey), Tarmvred (noisier), Milligramme (more prodigy-techno-like), Dither (going ambient/experimental), the great Mimetic (power noise-ish/ebm-ish) and Data Raper (more epic and new-industrial type). And what do we have here? \Remy also presented us with unreleased video tracks... There are four concert clips here that you can enjoy only if you have Quick Time 5.02 or later installed. Recorded with the same long-sleeve shirt in Liege, Cannes, Bordeaux and Lyon, the performances stay pretty true to the record and would be a lot more exciting if supported by some kind of additional visual aids such as videos, projections, special lighting etc (from that point of view Lyon's performance is probably the best, thanks to pounding trance-inducing almost Detroit/Jeff Mills-like techno, lots of slowly changing and filter-sweeped sounds and cool red over-lights and blue/green laser-like stage lights... too bad it seems like he's playing in a big place with very few people)...

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