Music Reviews

Artist: Pleasures Remain
Title: Magmatears
Format: CD
Label: Pandailectric
Rated: *****
Pleasures Remain's synthpop style is very reminiscent of New Order meets Depeche Mode. The second track "One Step Ahead" is truly enjoyable. It kept my music listening experience to this more fun after the intro track. The other songs in this album is of high quality that is worthy of club plays and should reach the top of the charts. This could be a new synthpop anthem for the modern generation. Pleasures Remain does have a little Nitzer Ebb influences thrown in especially in the drum sounds, but not too fast nor aggressive as early Nitzer Ebb was. This is more mellow. The vocals is very melodic especially during those sweet choruses. The complexity of the music is killer. I'm pretty sure a lot of time was put into producing this album. It's quite a masterpiece.

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