Music Reviews

Artist: LaVant Garde
Title: Inside Out
Format: CD
Label: Sythetic Product Records (@)
Rated: *****
I'm going have to say that Germany have the tightest synth-pop bands in the world. There's something about them that really keeps me listening to synth/electro-pop. LaVant Garde is one of the newest hottest act around out of the industrial country. This two piece band is outstanding and have what it takes to make good club synth-pop dance music. The tracks are very simple, vocals are good and the production stands out very well indeed. The cd contains three music videos of "Dedicated", "Airs And Graces", and "The World We Live In", which you can download to watch on your PC. Very nice videos that will entertain you and contains footages from their concert. Worth checking out. My favorite tracks includes "Recall Of Night", "Take Me S.I.M.", "Not Enough", "Live Your Life (Rebirth)" and the instrumental "Somewhere Out There". I'm certainly looking forward to hear their next release!

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