Music Reviews

Artist: ADN Ckrystall
Title: Collection
Format: CD
Label: Meta-Wave Music (@)
Rated: *****
Meta Wave Music has released a historically significant collection of rare recordings by the band ADN Ckrystall. Their music is minimal electronic in nature but is really a sort signature for French obscuro new wave. All of the band’s rare recordings have been included in this limited edition (100 pieces) 32-song 2x CDR in a DVD box set. For minimal electronic fanatics the inclusion of the ultra rare "Jazz Mad" LP as well as the "In-Edit" 7" single will send heart palpitations through their collectors anxiety ridden chests. These are some of the most sought after and hard to find audiophile lust items there are. My favorites here are "Le Combat (Robin Hood)"and "Happy? Really?" which could be designated as the bands influential style signatures. If you need a comparisons, try the Strangler’s JJ Burnel’s project Polyphonic Size which was a more polished and produced version of this bands work or even some early things Kraftwerk. ADN Ckrystall’s music ranges from minimal experimental to robotic synthpop and then back again. Highly Recommended.

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